Based on Governor Koike’s requests to refrain from going out on weekends due to a response to the new coronavirus infectious disease in Tokyo and other metropolitan areas, the studio will be temporarily closed for this weekend (3/28, 3/29). Passes will be extended for the time that the studio is closed.


We will be opening the studio again for regular classes as planned on March 12. However, as the situation with the coronavirus is still developing, we will reopen by adapting the regular studio policies to best match the current situation so as to keep the practice space as safe as possible for everyone to continue practicing. We very much appreciate your understanding on this matter.

We ask that you please carefully review the following points pertaining to changes in practicing at our studio before visiting the studio so we can work together to create as safe a practice environment as possible:


Studio Hygiene Measures:

  • If any teaching staff is experiencing any type of common cold symptoms, even mild (such as cough/sneezing, sore throat, phlegm/runny nose, experiencing respiratory symptoms), and or fever, their classes will either be substituted or canceled. Please carefully check the schedule before coming to the studio to make sure scheduled classes have not been canceled.
  • Continued installation of alcohol disinfectant.
  • Continued provision of hand washing soap.
  • Continued provision of mat disinfection spray made of germicidal ethanol, citric acid, and tea tree oil that can be used to clean your own yoga mats. PLEASE NOTE: you will need to bring your own mat as well as towel to wipe down your mats.
  • We will perform regular studio cleaning/disinfecting.
  • We will regularly implement ventilation before, during, after and between classes.
  • We will be using ultraviolet-C lamps periodically at the studio for cleaning/disinfecting. 
  • Teachers will continue to keep physical assist to a minimum, and use alcohol disinfectant if any physical assist/contact with a student is made.
  • Teaching staff and students may be wearing masks.

IMPORTANT: Changes in relation to Studio Use

Class Capacity:

Classes will be limited to 14 students per class. We highly recommend you to book in advance. If you see that a class is fully booked, you may come to the studio and wait on standby, though we cannot ensure you a spot. Please book online to secure your space advance and if you need to cancel, please cancel within the 3-hour class cancellation window to ensure the ticket to be credited back and to open the class attendance for others to join.

Mat and Mat Wiping Towel:

We can see no fully hygienic and safe way to keep providing mats for use at the studio under the current situation. Measures such as covering the studio mats with a towel, skidless, or mat rug would not be fully safe unless it was immediately washed and disinfected after the use of both the mat and the mat wiping towel. As this is impossible for us to monitor, we ask that all students prepare and bring the following:

  • Please bring your own mats. You are also welcomed to practice directly on the floor, as we will be disinfecting the floor regularly. (Many of our students and teachers do not use mats.)
  • Please bring 1 to 2 hand towels. One for perspiration and one to wipe down your own mat with our mat disinfectant spray.
  • Blocks will be provided, but all other props such as straps, bolsters, blankets will not be provided. If you need any of these items for your practice, please bring them with you.

Other Considerations:

  • If you have any type of common cold symptoms, even mild (such as cough/sneeze, sore throat, phlegm/runny nose, experiencing respiratory symptoms), and or fever, we ask that you please not come to the studio until you are clear of all such symptoms. 
  • If you develop any of the above symptoms during any class, we ask you to please leave the class, visit the doctor and return home to recover properly, and not return to the studio until you are clear of all such symptoms. 
  • As we will regularly opening the windows to ventilate the practice space both before, after, during and between classes, and as we will not be providing blankets, please bring layers of clothing to stay warm.
  • We will be removing the lost and found basket and all items that are left behind will be disposed daily. Please ensure you do not leave any forgotten belongings in the studio when you leave.

Final Considerations:

YogaJaya urges that you carefully consider everything stated here and to stay as safe and informed as possible on the developments of the coronavirus situation. 

Note that everything we have implemented here is subject to change. As all students will be notified of changes via email, we ask that you please whitelist the yogajaya.com domain from your email spam filter so as to receive the most current updates, and or check this page daily. 

Please also visit the WHO site to understand basic protective measures.

Also check the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Homepage:




Further consideration for all flu-like illnesses

This notice pertains to recent coronavirus outbreak and all other flu-like illnesses. 

At YogaJaya students and teachers all work together in the same spaces at the studio. This increases the chance of coming in contact with people who are sick.

We are setting the protocols are in place to help decrease the spread of illness during practice and would like for everyone to consider the following.

  • If you have flu-like and or symptoms (such as fever, respiratory symptoms, chills, body aches, headaches, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea) within 24 hours of any class, please stay home and rest.
  • If you have had the flu recently, you should be fever and symptom-free for at least 48 hours before coming to the studio.
  • If you arrive at the studio on any given day and you are ill, we will ask you to please return home.
  • If you develop flu symptoms during any class, we will ask you to please leave the class and go home to recover properly.
  • If you are too ill to go home on your own, we will notify your emergency contact to come and help you get back home.
  • To clarify, if you are sick, please stay home and take care of yourself and help to prevent the spread of illness to others at the studio.
  • If you need to cancel your class due to being ill after your 3 hours free cancellation refund window, you can contact us and we will be very happy to return your ticket for that class.