December 2007

Jaya Chikitsa

January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008

Yoga has amazing effects to ones life and greatly enhances lifestyle. In order for someone to better understand the effect that fits their unique needs, YogaJaya has created a customized yoga program.

It includes a 30 minute personal consultation session to assess your current condition, followed by a 30-45 minute private yoga class in which you will be provided a custom tailored introductory yoga sequence. Additionally we will also provide advice on basic lifestyle recommendations.

New trial package recipients will also be booked into two different YogaJaya public classes based on the outcome of the consultation.

December 2009

Julie Tran & Gweon Jung Eun: Dancing Towards the Inner Self Workshop

December 5, 2009 - December 6, 2009

Since the beginning of time, people have danced! Ingrained in the body is a language, a language which needs no words. This workshop is about communicating to others and more importantly communicating to ourselves through movement, through dance. Dancing technique is of no importance in this workshop. What is important is an open mind and an honest heart. Through movement exercises we will learn to let go of our judgments and inhibitions in order to allow our body to speak its natural language. As our body speaks to us, we will begin to understand, who we really are.

November 2009

Govinda Kai: Morning Mysore & Weekend Workshop

November 9, 2009 - November 15, 2009

- Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga Morning Class.
- Led Primary Series Class & Lecture

Lecture Themes:

- November 14th: How to apply elements of yoga philosophy to day-to-day life in the big city
- November 15th: What is love according to yoga philosophy?

November 2009

Yoga Basics Course Level 2 with Julie Tran

November 11, 2009 - December 16, 2009

The ancient practice of Yoga can bring vitality, health, deep relaxation, and peace of mind to practitioners. This course is designed to build onto ones’ basic yoga foundation by challenging while supporting practitioners in their yoga asana practice. Over this 6-week course, we will deepen our understanding of asana postures by learning the dynamics and benefits of poses from major pose groups. We will strengthen and lengthen our bodies while being aware and respectful of our physical strengths and limitations. By practicing with integrity, while building our asana repertoire, we will experience greater benefits from our practice.

November 2009

Inversion Clinic with Yumiko Terasaki

November 15, 2009 - December 20, 2009

In this 6-week course, we will learn inverted arm balancing postures starting from headstand with concrete perspectives. When we practice asanas, we can not use a mirror to view ourselves from all angles. “I want to overcome postures such as headstand and scorpion. But I don’t know what I have been doing wrong or how to do it”---We will solve that problem by 1) understanding basic key points, 2) becoming conscious about your own physical sensation with a help of others as a mirror that reflects you, 3) capturing your whole image with your mind’s eye.

October 2009

Creative Communication Course with Satoko Horie

October 7, 2009 - October 28, 2009

Life is all about connecting through communication. Communicating your ‘self’ in an honest, clear, and open manner, while finding creative ways to connect with other people. This 4-week course focuses on techniques that stimulate the ability to communicate in a creative way by integrating ideas from diverse fields including yoga. By going deeper into ourselves with yoga , we are enhancing our ability to become even more open and more able to connect directly from the innermost elements of our personality.

October 2009

The Road to Ashtanga Yoga Course with Satoru Koguchi

October 4, 2009 - November 8, 2009

Due to ashtanga vinyasa yoga’s heavy focus on combining breath and movement, it is often difficult for a teacher to explain how to build a pose and to describe what to take care about without interrupting the flow of the class. Therefore, this course focuses on one theme every week, properly establishing a foundation of the precise ways to use breath and body.

We will look deeply into often-ignored points in order to try to overcome our weaknesses. This course will be beneficial both for students who regularly practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and for those who are new to it.

October 2009

Iva Drtina-Hall: Vinyasa Flow Workshop : Moving Into Stillness

October 3, 2009 - October 4, 2009

This workshop focuses on learning and understanding the meaning of Vinyasa Flow, and how it relates to everyone’s own personal practice. You will have an opportunity to explore how you can move into stillness with Vinyasa Flow.

September 2009

Yoga Aid Challenge 2009

September 22, 2009 - September 22, 2009

Yoga Aid Challenge is an event to raise awareness for the benefits of yoga and to raise money for various charity projects around the world. Join YogaJaya director Patrick Oania along side of the other eleven 2009 challenge leaders including Mark Whitwell, Duncan Wong and Akira Watamoto in a practice of 108 sun salutes of devotion.

September 2009

Patrick Oancia at yogafest 2009

September 20, 2009 - September 20, 2009

In his 4th year at Japan's YogaFest Yoga Conference In Yokohama, Patrick will introduce the following workshops:

10:30-12:00 - Teaching Inversions (For Teachers)
13:30-15:00 - Yin Dynamics (All Levels)

September 2009

Clive Sheridan: Japan Workshop & Retreat

September 12, 2009 - September 23, 2009

Tokyo Workshop September 12-13

Mitake Mountain Retreat September 19-23

The specific content of these sessions is not specified due the spontaneous style of teaching Clive is renown for worldwide. All sessions are inspired by the true essence and spirit of non-regimented advaita and tantra yoga sadhana.

All of the daily sessions Clive will conduct in Japan during the Mountain retreat and weekend workshop will start with a meditation practice and pranayama class followed by an asana class. In each afternoon session, Clive will give a discourse on the inner teachings of yoga, followed by a second asana class and finishing the day with pranayama.

September 2009

Yoga Basics Course with Julie Tran

September 9, 2009 - September 30, 2009

Prana, life energy is obtained through air, food, water, sunlight, correct breathing, yoga asanas, and the compression and release of massage.

A lack of touch or love can lead to a lack of prana, while a nurturing massage or bodywork session can restore and increase prana.

In this Partner yoga and Thai yoga massage session, we will focus on becoming more aware of our body and feeling the prana through the physical application of loving kindness in the form of a touching action.

September 2009

Partner & Thai Massage Yoga Course with Gweon Jung Eun

September 6, 2009 - September 27, 2009

Prana, life energy is obtained through air, food, water, sunlight, correct breathing, yoga asanas, and the compression and release of massage.

A lack of touch or love can lead to a lack of prana, while a nurturing massage or bodywork session can restore and increase prana.

In this Partner yoga and Thai yoga massage session, we will focus on becoming more aware of our body and feeling the prana through the physical application of loving kindness in the form of a touching action.

August 2009

Hatha Vinyasa Practice and Sequencing Course with Kengo Nomura

August 5, 2009 - August 26, 2009

This workshop focuses on learning the techniques of preparing the body and mind to sit still and steadily for meditation and to free the self through yoga practice. The first half will focus on basic hatha yoga alignments and techniques to safely approach inversion balancing poses. The latter half of the course will focus on the basics of sequencing and how to incorporate it into one's yoga practice.

August 2009

Sivananda Yoga Basic Course with Yumiko Terasaki

August 2, 2009 - August 30, 2009

Sivananda yoga that has been the bridge between classical and modern yoga, is known as an integral yoga that includes 4 paths of yoga aiming for the purification of spirit. This 5 week course looks into how we practice this type of yoga in today's contemporary society.

This course will go into the effects and taboos of each asanas. The final goal is to be able 'practice yoga on your own'. Aiming for a truly healthy life in all perspectives, the body, heart and emotions, built on self-responsibility.

August 2009

Dave Dobson Contemporary Ayurveda Workshop Practical Tools to Achieve Personal Balance and Life Transformation

August 4, 2009 - August 7, 2009

Ayurveda teaches us how to achieve a life of harmony on a personal, internal and external level, as well as a collective one. The following workshops aim at providing students with useful practical tools to help them find this harmony and in so doing to facilitate personal growth and wellbeing.

February 2009

YogaJaya International Intensive Teacher Training 2009

February 21, 2009 - November 8, 2009

The YogaJaya TT has outsourced sections to various recognized yoga facilitators experienced in self-inquiry, self-analysis, yoga philosophy, and contemporary cross-cultural ethics.

YogaJaya believes that to become a good teacher, it is most important to study oneself and allow flexibility in welcoming change through a compassionate approach. The YogaJaya TT is set up to be an ideal platform for this transformation.

July 2009

Simon Borg-Olivier Inversions In Detail Workshop

July 21, 2009 - July 22, 2009

Mudras are the most important ways to move energy and information through the body in yoga. Viparita Karani Mudra represents all of the inverted yoga postures. This two evening workshop will show practitioners how to develop a safe and effective inverted yoga practice.

July 2009

YogaJaya Hatha Yoga Basic Course (2009)

July 8, 2009 - July 29, 2009

Yoga practice is an essential part of living a positive life. Over this 4-6 week course, YogaJaya will work together with the students to build the strong foundations of a regular yoga routine. This course will be taught by YogaJaya qualified top teaching instructors.

July 2009

Josi Valicherri: Organic Vegan Whole Foods Cooking Workshop

July 5, 2009 - July 5, 2009

Walk in the path of truth, swim in the ocean of love, fly in the sky of freedom. Learn the process of creating organic vegan whole food cuisine. Workshop followed by a group lunch of prepared food and sweets. Lunch will be followed by a lecture on conscious healthy diet.

July 2009

Foundations of Hatha Yoga Course with Patrick Oancia

July 5, 2009 - July 26, 2009

In this course students will go into the details of cultivating breath, concentration and core stability to support any hatha yoga asana practice.

Course open to all levels, including teachers, intermediate and advanced practitioners. Also recommended for those who regularly practice any modern hatha yoga asana traditions including Ashtanga (Mysore or led), Iyengar, Ishta, Sivananda and Anusara yoga.

July 2009

Peter Roussel: The Thread of Tantra Workshop

July 4, 2009 - July 12, 2009

This workshop is about Total Hatha Yoga practice: exploring deeply the inner world through the three most important Hatha Yoga practices of Meditation, Pranayama and Asana. In this Workshop we will combine these three in detail and how they relate to one and other.

Each module will be composed of all three practices but will have an emphasis on one. Spending longer on that specific practice allows more detail to be shared and most importantly deeper experience of the effects of the practice. The workshop is designed to be progressive.

By attending all three modules the student will gain a good understanding of the relationship that these ancient practice share with each other. There will be question time at the end of each module so students are able to remember the connections between the various 'limbs' of Yoga.

June 2009

Surrender – A Hatha Yoga Practice Course with Nancy Finley

June 7, 2009 - June 28, 2009

The mind has been described as a hungry drunken monkey. How often do we take our story as reality? Lose the story. How often do we do rather than be. During our four sessions together our practice will bring us back to where we are…into being.

Looking into the details of how our bodies can embody the energetic dynamics structuring each asana and how as we begin sensing these dynamics how asana inform us of the dynamics within us.

Beginning with the most distal parts of our body our asana practice will bring us to moving inward. You are here.

May 2009

Sophie Costes: Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop

May 30, 2009 - June 6, 2009

These 3 workshops on Ayurveda, the Indian medical system, focus on how the vital forces relate to your personal health. Presenting key principles and applying them in practical exercises, you will learn how to balance your constitution or “dosha”. You will also explore environmental factors that influence your balance (diet and activities).

Accessible to all in simple language, these workshops can be attended as a block of 3 modules or separately.

May 2009

Building a Foundation to Free the Spine Course with Peter Roussel

May 13, 2009 - July 1, 2009

In this course we will look in detail at how performance in asana (postures) can be measured by the effect it has on the spine. The function of the spine is symbolic of the deepest aspects of human potential. The spine is the main channel for the central nervous system and there by influences most of the inner and out functions of the body and has an effect on our sense perception. If there is distortion of the spine the flow of energy is compromised and our perceptions are altered.

This course will take you step by step into building asana from the foundation (feet) up, in ways that produce maximum lightness and stability.

April 2009

Emil Wendel: Pranayama and Beyond, 2009 Tokyo Workshops

April 25, 2009 - May 1, 2009

Pranayama & Guided Meditation: A Step-by-Step Approach.
A yoga philosophy workshop in 5 parts.

April 2009

Jen Peters: Jivamukti Yoga Workshop

April 11, 2009 - April 19, 2009

Jivamukti Yoga is a modern and creative yoga style developed in 1984 by New York City-based dancer-musician-artists Sharon Gannon & David Life, drawing on their interpretations of traditional yogic techniques and philosophies which they studied with 3 great masters (Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, & Shri Swami Nirmalananda).

In this 4-day intensive workshop intended for practitioners of all levels, (some previous experience with dynamic hatha yoga forms and/or a sense of adventure will be very helpful), we will explore this potential by practicing flowing and vigorous asana complemented by the elements mentioned above. In addition, we will do some kriyas (purification practices that get rid of the dirt that often obscures our divine nature) and pranayama (control and liberation of the life force, the breath). Each module will be a balanced class focusing on a different theme.

March 2009

Iva Drtina-Hall: Yin Bliss Workshop

March 7, 2009 - March 8, 2009

Suitable for all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin practice can be challenging, inspiring and awakening, and forms a supplement to the Yang practice. Let us journey inside and discover a whole world of Yin Bliss.

February 2009

Ashtanga Yoga Basic Course with Tsugumi Yamaguchi

March 1, 2009 - March 29, 2009

Welcome to the world of Ashtanga Yoga! Nothing too difficult. Let us just simply enjoy yoga together.

This course will focus on learning and practicing Ashtanga Yoga’s dynamic movements and continual flow of poses. Take a deep breath, lengthen your spine and become beautiful both physically and mentally!

February 2009

Simon Borg-Olivier: Special YogaSynergy Morning Led Classes

February 23, 2009 - February 27, 2009

Consolidate your yoga practice with this unique experience and direct method of learning.

Join Simon Borg-Olivier, who has practiced yoga for 40 years, for a special class of led practices of the five main YogaSynergy sequences: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These classes will be at the intermediate level, with no verbal instructions or physical adjustments.

February 2009

Simon Borg-Olivier: YogaSynergy Workshop @ YogaJaya

February 23, 2009 - February 26, 2009

Director of YogaSynergy Simon Borg-Olivier, a research scientist and physiotherapist with over 40 years of yoga practice, will be conducting a comprehensive YogaSynergy workshop for four consecutive weekday evenings.

February 2009

Yoga Sutra / Hatha Yoga Course with Jen Peters

February 18, 2009 - February 25, 2009

This 6-week course will explore the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (an important text written 2,500 years ago about the practical and philosophical underpinnings of Yoga) within the context of a balanced hatha yoga practice session. Each 90-minute class will be based on one or more sutras (with a different focus each time), coupled with dynamic hatha yoga directed toward providing a basis for understanding how hatha yoga techniques can help bring this ancient wisdom into our everyday lives.

January 2009

Gayatri Yoga Course with Lisa Booth

January 11, 2009 - January 22, 2009

This winter, "en-lighten" your body, mind and spirit with the Gayatri Yoga practice. This seven week course will combine mantric sound, asana, mudradfs, and meditation with the effects of a deep and profound prayer. Practiced together or separately, the elements of this course will be with you for a lifetime.

January 2009

Awakening Inner Vision Course with Magnolia Zuniga

January 7, 2009 - February 11, 2009

Yoga offers a remedy for the reconstruction of our personality. Withdraw the senses from their objective and go within to the middle chamber, the subconscious of psychology. -Swami Satyananda Saraswati

During this 6 week course we will explore the systematic approach of Satyananda Yoga as taught by the Bihar School of Yoga in Northern India.